A World Report on Disability published by the World Health Organization in 2011 indicates now that an estimated more than one billion people, or 15% of the world population, live with some form of disabilities around the world!

With the adoption of the United Nations, VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL has over the years provided Persons With Disabilities an instrument that allows them to no longer just aspire to charity and condescendence, but to full inclusion in their respective societies. Ensuring the promotion, protection and implementation of the rights of Persons With Disabilities is not an easy task and will not be achieved without the contribution and collective efforts of civil society organizations both nationally and internationally based.

It is in this connection that VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is positioned as an innovative non-profit organization working to promote the full realization of the rights of Persons With Disabilities. Far too often disability is viewed as a health or charity issue but VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL believes that persons with disabilities should be seen as an asset for the future of their countries rather than a burden to avoid. It is not so much a question of curing the impairments of Persons With Disabilities as it is a question of removing society made barriers (stereotypes, inaccessible environment, lack of reasonable accommodation) preventing the full and productive inclusion of Persons With Disabilities in absolutely all areas and forms of society life. It is a matter of putting ability and human dignity first.

In this regard, VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL as an international NGO, is open to persons with all forms of disabilities, but it appeals equally to persons without disabilities, who are invited to work, as active partners, for the promotion of the equal human rights of Persons With Disabilities.

VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is also universal in its territorial ambit, its activities extend to all countries of the world.

VOICE OF THE POOR FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL seek UN assistance to enhance the on-going Sponsorship Project of 172 selected Handicapped children in Nigeria; facilitate their schooling with funds, hostels/dormitories, educational materials, clothing, school uniforms, footwear, school bags, textbooks, stationery, medicare, welfare, wheelchair, clutches etc.

We love the disabled just as they are. We care for their well-being and are concerned for their development