"........being physically challenged does not mean you cannot be productive. You must find a means to transform that your disability into ability" - Very. Rev. Msgr. Prof. Johnbosco Akam (AP, FCON)

The Voice of the Poor Foundation (VPF) is an inter-religious, inter-denominational, inter-cultural and international foundation. The VPF was founded by Msgr. John Bosco Akam in 1985. The foundation does not exclude, priori anyone from benefiting from its multifarious programme. It is a foundation destined to the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor people in our midst. As the name depicts, it is the voice of the voiceless, the medium through which poor people can be heard. The primary objective of the foundation is to create for the poor people, the possibility of being heard (apart from the secondary dimension which alleviation of the suffering of the poor to some extent)... Read More

The Foundation Motive

On the underlying motive(s) of the foundation, the founder – Msgr. John Bosco Akam speaks:

The underlying motive of the foundation is basically the practical application of what has remained in people in form of ideas. you see, there is a lot of preaching, campaigns and speeches here and there: option for the poor, ever-readiness to look for the poorest of the poor, to help them and so on, by different organization, groupings and